Past Committees

COMMITTEE 2020/2021

President: Alice Birch

Vice-President: Freya Ruparel

Secretary: Maria Donovan

Treasurer: Jessie Fischer

Merchandise: Emelia Wood

Social Sec: Sophie Wilson

Publicity: Megan Hsu

Competition Team Co-Captains: Megan Brooks and Mia Biggs
COMMITTEE 2019/2020

Beth Hermaszewska

Griffin Twemlow

Ethan Nott

Natalie Rees

Social Secretary:
Monique Dunne

Publicity and Events:

Competitions Officers:
Eliza Mahoney and Atlanta Hatch

COMMITTEE 2018/2019

President/VP: Beth Hermaszewska

Secretary: Meg Pickford

Treasurer: Nina Siriwardena

Merchandise: Maria Ionescu

Social Secretary: Rosie Donald

Publicity and Events: Hanna Tallinn

Competitions Officer: Beth Corker

COMMITTEE 2017/2018

President: Alicia Cooke

Vice-President: Clarrie Pettit

Secretary: Phoebe Rimmer

Treasurer: Nina Siriwardena

Merchandise: Vicki Lampitt

Social Secretary: Olivia Scalise-Gaspar

Publicity and Events: Mila Mundrova

Competitions Officer: Imogen Granger

COMMITTEE 2016/2017

President: Liam Woodcock

Vice-President: Helena Sandford

Secretary: Stefanie Mavrakou

Treasurer: Freya Lawson

Merchandise: Kate Howlett

Social Secretary: Phoebe Rimmer

Publicity and Events: Alicia Cooke

Competitions Officer: Imogen Granger
COMMITTEE 2015/2016

President: Dominique Cooper
Vice-President: Holly Willis

Secretary: Harriet Wright

Treasurer: Stefanie Mavrakou

Merchandise: Laura Weston

Social Secretary: Jess O’Sullivan

Publicity and Events: Liam Woodcock

COMMITTEE 2014/2015

President: Rebecca Green  

Vice-President: Anahita Talwar

Secretary: Dominique Cooper

Treasurer: Hannah Copeland

Merchandise: Harriet Wright

Social Secretary: Charlie Grieco

Publicity and Events: Holly Willis
COMMITTEE 2013/2014

President: Emily Davey
Vice-President: Sarah Burgess

Secretary: Rebecca Green

Treasurer: Hannah Copeland

Merchandise: Laura Cole

Social Secretary: Jennie Leggat

Publicity and Events: Naomi Clothier
COMMITTEE 2012/2013

President: Hannah Punter  

Vice-President: Sally Clayton

Secretary: Emily Davey

Treasurer: Anisha Ratan

Merchandise: Jennie Leggat

Social Secretary: Sam Davis

Publicity and Events: Sophie Jenns
COMMITTEE 2011/2012

President: Lucy Morrell  

Vice-President: Katie Duffel

Secretary: Melissa Hands

Treasurer: Kirsten Charles

Merchandise: Sally Clayton

Social Secretary: Katherine Richards

Publicity and Events: Hannah Punter
COMMITTEE 2010/2011

President: Kirsten Charles  

Vice-President: Sam Denney

Secretary: Yihui Chan

Treasurer: Catherine Ainsworth

Social Secretary: Lucy Morrell

Merchandise and Publicity: Harriet Patterson

COMMITTEE 2009/2010

President: Danielle Machin  

Vice-President: Sam Denney

Secretary: Gemma Lyne

Treasurer: Anna Tweed

Merchandise: Alix McCaffrey

Social Secretary: Jasmine Barnes

Publicity and Events: Charlotte Karp
COMMITTEE 2008/2009

President: Joanne Lambert

Vice-President: Natalie Vanderpant

Secretary: Danielle Machin

Treasurer: Sarah Warrey

Merchandise: Lizzie Lawn

Social Secretary: Amanda Myers

Publicity and Events: Nicola Di Luzio

COMMITTEE 2007/2008

President: Rachel Robertson  

Vice-President: Hannah Kitchener

Secretary: Helen Potter

Treasurer: Joanne Lambert

Social Secretary: Rebecca Burrell

Merchandise: Zoe Rowland Smith

Publicity: Melanie Stefan

Events: Gianna Vaughan
COMMITTEE 2006/2007

President: Katie Saitch  

Vice-President: Lavanya Raman

Secretary: Lucy Harris

Treasurer: Emily Robbins

Social Secretary: Charlotte Thomas

Merchandise: Rachel Lewis

Publicity: Dream

Events: Hannah Cornick
COMMITTEE 2005/2006

President: Katie Saitch  

Vice-President: Lavanya Raman

Secretary: Amy McKenzie

Treasurer: Sarah Pitkin

COMMITTEE 2004/2005

Joint presidency: Ruth Freedman and Natalie Morris