Rise – Cutazz Annual Show 2022, Photos by Tom Alfuth

(Photos include beginner and advanced class dances, the CUDCT and extra choreographies)

Socials Lent 2022: Theatre trip to see Six, Cocktail Social, Aftershow Party, Cutazz AGM, Committee Bottomless Brunch

Socials Michaelmas 2021: Fresher’s Cocktail Social, Returner’s Social, Halloween Pub Quiz, Bowling and Creams, Annual Dinner, Ice Skating

Cutazz Brunch and Punting Social 2021

Synergy – CUTAZZ Dance Show 2020

2019-20 Competition Team

2019-20 Socials

Flare – CUTAZZ Dance Show 2019

2018-19 Competition Team

2018-19 Socials

Elevate – CUTAZZ Dance Show 2018

Pulse – CUTAZZ Dance Show 2017

Kinesis – CUTAZZ Dance Show 2016

Rhythm is a Dancer – CUTAZZ Dance Show 2015

CUTAZZ Socials

CUTAZZ Competition Team